Keltic Landing

This St.Patrick's Day, Unlock the Heritage...
March 17th and March 18th, 2016

Across the sea, and through the parting mountains awaits a magical place. Crest the meadow of rolling hills, through the mist to a faraway land of spellbinding sprites and mythical creatures. Centuries-old vines and rock frame the doorway to two rousing evenings of spectacle. 

It is here you will find the entrance to Keltic Landing. A brand-new, two day completely immersive experience, brought to you by the producers ofHarvest Haus: The Social Concierge & Wet Ape Productions

Join us this St.Patrick's Day - Thursday, March 17th for the first evening of celebrations encompassing early Celtic Irish traditions in their entirety. This will include Irish spirits, traditional Celtic entertainment among many other details. For those more privy to our Scottish heritage, join us Friday, March 18th. These Gaelic traditions will be introduced through Scottish spirits, Gaelic entertainment and guests donning traditional kilts.

Tickets for Keltic Landing cost $35 and include acess to four immersive areas; The Emerald Shores, The Grove, The Lowlands and The Highlands, as well as two Keltic Koins to be used in the Highlands tasting den ($4 value). Reserve your tickets for Vancouver's most unique St. Patrick's Day celebration now!

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