One Bad Son

One Bad Son w/ Whale and the Wolf
Wednesday, October 18
Level Nightclub
Doors at 8PM - 19+

Tickets: $20
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ON SALE AUG. 18 @ 10AM

One Bad Son’s latest album, Black Buffalo, builds on the success the prairie-reared four-piece achieved with their 2012 self-titled album, and promises to hit rock fans around the world in a big way. Fueled by the success of three major radio hits from the last album (“Scarecrows”, “It Ain’t Right” and “Retribution Blues”), the band spent the last two years touring constantly, converting audiences and gaining legions of loyal fans across the country.

This extended time on the road shines through on Black Buffalo. The Vancouver-based band stretches out on their fourth full-length album, hitting new levels in songwriting, performance and feel. Beyond the hard rock glory of “Vinyl Spin Burner,” “Love/Sick/Love” and “Land of the Saints,” there’s the rootsy “Decades” and smoky, Johnny Cash-inspired “The Outlaw Josey Wales.” “Satellite Hotel” is the first single, and is new territory for the band — dark and brooding, yet somehow the most uplifting song that the band has written.

Singer Shane Connery Volk, drummer Kurt Dahl, guitarist Adam Hicks and bassist Adam Grant agree that Black Buffalo is the record they’ve wanted to record since forming in 2004. “Our goal was to capture on record our live intensity, that sort of contained chaos, that we’ve become known for and make it sound massive. It’s like the energy and magic I hear on Zeppelin and Hendrix and Soundgarden records,” Dahl says. In their tenth year as a band, One Bad Son seems to be hitting their stride as songwriters and performers. A decade of hard work and nose-to-the-grindstone commitment has culminated in Black Buffalo, which promises to keep the boys on the road and writing songs for years to come.

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The Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons w/ special guests
Saturday, October 28
Level Nightclub
Doors at 8PM / 19+

Tickets $25 - available at Leo's Video, Milkcrate Records, Mosaic Books and

Juno-nominated Kingston rock band, The Glorious Sons have announced their Canadian fall headlining tour in support of their upcoming sophomore album, Young Beauties and Fools, out this October via Black Box /Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company. The band kicks off their cross-country fall tour on October 19 with two back-to-back Toronto dates. Currently in the middle of their summer festival tour, The Glorious Sons are also playing multiple U.S. dates with Greta Van Fleet over the next few months. To buy tickets, and for a full list of dates, visit

The Glorious Sons are eager to take the new music of Young Beauties and Fools to the stage. A departure from the songwriting style of their previous releases, Young Beauties and Fools is a collection of songs born out of the mind and heart of Brett Emmons. Beginning as character-based folk songs written on an acoustic guitar, the album offers a unique perspective in the world of rock music: the authentic voice of a 24-year-old songwriter. A demonstration of the growth of the band and an undeniable force of a record, Young Beauties and Fools promises to launch The Glorious Sons into becoming one of the biggest bands in the country.

The album’s first single, “Everything Is Alright”, earned the #1 Most Added track on both Alternative Radio and Rock Big Picture Radio as well as the #1 Most Added track at Canadian Active Rock Radio for three consecutive weeks since its release on July 21. The single has also earned placement in several top Apple Music and Spotify playlists including “Best of the Week”, “New Music Now”, “Viral Hits Canada”, “New Noise”, “The A-List: Rock”, and many more.

“Everything Is Alright” marks the first glimpse into the band’s evolved sound: powerful, autobiographical lyrics woven into a soundscape that seamlessly blends rock and alternative elements into undeniable anthems. Speaking about the lyrics of the first single, lead singer Brett Emmons says, “‘Everything Is Alright’ is about feeling isolated, hungover, and trying to be okay with yourself and your mistakes. People tell themselves that everything is going to be alright all the time but I don’t know if that’s necessarily true.”

With over 100,000 singles sold in Canada and over 5.8 million streams, The Glorious Sons are poised for an explosive year as their dedicated fans discover the dynamic songwriting and uniquely crafted sound of Young Beauties and Fools.

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Current Swell

Current Swell w/ special guests
Wednesday, November 15
Sapphire - 238 Leon Ave.
Doors at 9PM - 19+

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Every song has a story. With Current Swell’s third Nettwerk Records release, When To Talk And When To Listen, these stories cut deep. Like all good rock ‘n’ roll should, When To Talk And When To Listen touches on all facets of the human condition, from the heartbreak and spurned love of first single “It Ain’t Right” to a pair of songs about loss that form the emotional core of the album.

A solid fanbase has taken the group across North America several times and into countries such as Brazil, where a pair of headline tours brought them to thousands of rabid fans. "We're very comfortable in certain parts of the world with our success," Lang says. "But I know this record is one that can take us to new places." Stanton and Lang use one word - educational - to describe the process of recording seperately at Blackbird in Nashville and the Warehouse in Vancouver. They are studios with rich histories - not to mention a client list that includes Bruce Springsteen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Taylor Swift and R.E.M. Current Swell had developed a comfortable way of recording until King came along. He succeeded in propelling them to greater heights, pushing the band to realize its potential. Urging them to dig deeper. "He was not afraid to share the hard truth that you know is in the back of your mind," Lang says. "And he was not afraid to bring it to everyone's attention. It was cool to be pushed like that."

Now, it is time for Current Swell to push back. Lang says the group will take its music to the world this year, showcasing the heart and soul it took to create When To Talk And When To Listen. "Anyone can make an album," he said. "But we knew this record had to be good." | | 

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