GOBF_Logo-pin-RGB.pngGreat Okanagan Beer Festival

Wet Ape teamed up with Gibbons Festivals and Events (based of of Whistler, BC) to bring the first dedicated beer festival to Kelowna: The Great Okanagan Beer Festival (GOBF). The festival ran from May 7 - 9, 2015 featuring a number of exclusive cask events, beer and brewing seminars and special events held at a variety of local pubs and eateries around town. The culmination point of the festival was the beer sampling Main Event - pouring for an estimated 2,500 beer drinkers on Saturday, May 9 in Kelowna's scenic Waterfront Park. The festival featured 30+ breweries and was a true celebration of the creative coming together of Water, Hops, Yeast and Malt.

Wet Ape acted as consultant for local services, suppliers and organizations including the Outdoor Events Committee, Liquor Inspector and Emergency Services. Wet Ape also oversaw the hiring and management of staff for the Main Event and provided promotional support for the festival.

The first year of the festival was a great success and Gibbons and Wet Ape look forward to making the Great Okanagan Beer Festival a staple in the Kelowna events calendar. Visit the GOBF website for more information.


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